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                     Eight-treasure tofu hot pot

Ingredients: 1.a slab of tofu(400g) 2.some shrimp meat 3.half pieces of squid 4.half bamboo shoot 4.some quail eggs 5.a few black fungus 6.savoury mushrooms 6.a few carrots 7.scallion 8. Ginger Method: 1Soak savoury mushrooms and black fungus early 2.Cut tofu into thick slices,put tofu in thick towels to absord water,pan-fly tofu until golden on both sides. 3.Wash shrimp meat and squid 4.Cut squid into pieces 5.Boil the shrimp meat and squid 6.Boil the quail eggs and shell 7.Cut carrots and bamboo shoot into slices 8.Cut scallion and ginger into slices 9.Heat the oil,put the ginger in and quick-fly the shrimp meat and squid 10.Put the squid ,tofu,savoury mashrooms,bamboo shoot into casserole and add chicken soup to boil 11.Put salt,soy souce and stew for 15 minutes. 12.Add carrot,black fungus,quail eggs and stew for 10 minutes. 13.Add shrimp meat,scallion and cook 5 minutes 14.Put a little pepper,then thicke Nutrient value: 1.Lowering cholesterol and blood fat 2.Provide protein 3.Can improve one’s look